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This year's plans.....

Brighton Belle Round UK Cruise 2018

From Brighton to Ipswich, Edinburgh, Orkneys, Shetland Isles, Faroes, Hebrides, Oban, Dublin, Plymouth, Gosport and back to Brighton.
Spending four months on the very best of Scotland's North & West Coast as well as a visit to the remote Faroe islands. Visiting remote anchorages & stunning beaches, neolithic history, wildlife, whisky distilleries, remote seaside pubs & sea food restaurants.

For those also interested in walking and exploring there is so much more to see and do as well as sailing in one of the world's finest cruising areas. There are harbour towns, villages and marinas for crew to enjoy restaurants & pubs and avoid developing cabin fever. A choice of areas offering great variety with hundreds of islands and experiences, with cruising rigour ranging from from 'full on' to 'very gentle'.
There are so many places to shelter amongst the islands, escaping from any Atlantic swell whilst sailing and at anchor.

The total coastline of Scotland including the islands exceeds 5000 NMs.

Sailors in Scotland during the Summer months can often experience benign weather, however this can be interspersed with distinctly lively winds. Be prepared for a blow (including katabatic near mountains) as it surely will, from time to time. See paragraph Hebridean Wind. However the ketch rigged Brighton Belle is the perfect safe yacht for such circumstances. 

Weather can be an occasional challenge, on the West Coast especially, there are so many places to shelter amoungst the islands where you can escape from any Atlantic swell whilst sailing or at anchor. Some these remote anchorages require some careful pilotage.

Whilst I have extensive experience of the West Coast and some of the Shetlands, I have no personal experience of the Orkneys or the Faroes.  However my sailing acquaintances wax lyrical about the delights of the Orkneys and the Faroes. 

We are all there to sail, but for those also intent on walking and exploring there is so much more to see. There are endless opportunities both on the islands and the mainland to explore, including ancient history, wildlife, delicious local seafood and whisky distilleries and endless splendid walking.

Gatwick flights are available to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness with onward train, bus, flights and ferries to potential changeover points.

There are sufficient towns, villages and marinas for BB's crew to enjoy pubs & restaurants and avoid any cabin fever however anchoring in delightful spots is for me the true essence of real West Coast cruising.

Immediately below is a sample of what beckons, an anchorage near the Isle of Mull.

Skippers & Crew do bring your Anchoring Expertise :)

One minor apology is that almost all the photos are with a blue sky. The rationale being that almost all photos on the net are thus. Scotland can experience 2 seasons ( can be more ) in a day. I have however enjoyed over the decades significantly more good weather than bad. Yes the clouds form over the mainland & dump forth, however less so at sea.

On a more recent cruise, I left my oilies at home and had a totally dry week, except for six drops of rain whilst walking from the marina to Mallaig railway station. Cruising in Scotland with all those Summer daylight hours should stir the soul of all real sailors !




 This is a good illustration of the  long daylight hours. Taken from the Bunessan Argyll Arms Hotel at 23:18 hrs.


 Village Bay, St.Kilda




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