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I started sailing as a kid in dinghies and then the family yacht, a 17ft Hurley Silhouette on inland lakes. Despite the sardine experience of being the second smallest on board I learned to love sailing. So in my 20s I started with UK Sea Schools and Mediterranean flotillas. Many years on I have sailed in UK waters, (east & south coast), Brittany, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Canaries, and the Caribbean.

I have now done about 15,000 miles and gathered someĀ  RYA qualifications along the way including MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and this is despite getting sea-sick regularly. None of my miles have been done in heroic circumstances like crossing oceans or similar, just happy pottering in nice areas. I like sailing because it is a social activity including good company, food and the odd drink when tied up solidly. Brighton Belle offers all of that and includes a gorgeous 55 foot Oyster in the bargain.

A photographic commission: Oban to Oban

Chief photographer

In my first trip on Brighton Belle sailing as skipper I prepared two passages one to do an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Mull in settled weather and one for bad weather in the event of multiple south-westerly fronts coming over. The reality in the words of the Met-Office was "changeable" and with two fronts expected 4 days apart, the around Mu...
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