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Troon to Oban

29 May 22 Perfect gentle sail Troon to Arran.... approaching Holy Isle Lamlash Do you need a hat, Patrick?  Crew rendition of 'Mull of Kintyre'!  Departing Lamlash & Holy Isle 30 May 22 Is Fiona (Skipper of the Day) being too cautious? We have been within arm's reach of the lifeboat for 24 hours … Campbeltown lifeboat, view from the f...

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Brighton Belle in La Rochelle

After sailing some 1200+ NM from the Punta Delgada, Azores. The twin towers at the entrance to La Rochelle's Vieux Port provided a memorable entrance to the harbour. The two large towers were built in the fourteenth century , "La Chaîne" in the West and "Saint Nicholas" in the east.During that period there were chains strung between the towers...

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