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West country and back to brighton

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Date: 08 November 2021 00:00 - 21 November 2021 00:00

Venue: plymouth

Lift out and maintenance being booked for 26/11, this is the last chance for cruising.  Found this photo "Return to Brighton"!  Not sure who the credits should be for.


Lots of uncertainties at present:

  • Conditions: as ever the weather could be a factor, so expect a couple of "marina" days to allow a storm to pass.  Obviously we'll do our best to avoid any bad weather but we do need to get BB back to Brighton. Short days of course so likely to be a bit of night sailing.  We'll need a bit of experience in the core of the crew especially an experienced mate
  • Cruising destinations could include: Isles of Scilly in week one; two big legs to Channel Islands and then Brighton; or just potter along the south coast
  • Start port: might be Solent as there are currently no cruises in October in which case Channel Islands are still an option but Isles of Scilly are unlikely

If you are interested please just call me 07827-8711161 as I need to get a measure of whether this cruise is feasible.  Happy for people to do one week only of course so I may split the event in two.  If interest is there then I'll open the event up for registrations.


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Steve Benham


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