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A man fell over board this Sunday.......four times!

Brighton Belle sailed out of Brighton Marina for a jolly today. With 7 on board we set off to have a little fun and practice some manoeuvres. 

Skipper Phillip, assisted by a willing crew of 6 threw a nominated member of the yachts equipment over the side and shouted 'man over board'.

Lots of action, sail handling and great teamwork had us sailing back and picking up the 'casualty' within about 4 minutes.

In the excited discussion that followed, we talked about boat control and speed of approach and what could have been done better. It was agreed that the recovery had been quite successful. 

Then, extraordinarily, that nominated member of the yacht's equipment, the danbuoy and horseshoe life ring, was over the side again!

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Cruise 7 Cork to Penzance - A Scilly Route

Joining the boat all went swimmingly – thankfully not literally as she was berthed in the Cork Royal Yacht Club marina at Crosshaven and access was via pontoon - until I decided to pop into the club bar for a drink. Who was to know that ordering a Guinness rather than a Murphy’s would be a hanging offence in these parts? I would have been in less trouble for ordering a Scottish whisky.

The rest of the crew arrived late from their flights but the Guinness, followed by a Murphy’s for reasons of diversity and inclusion, ensured that I was not disturbed till the morning. The day was spent provisioning, plotting and generally preparing to sail with a bit of socialising, string games and swimming thrown in – again not literally.

We had a glorious sunny sail from Crosshaven to Glandore with good winds, and anchored as close as we could to the little jetty where George took our day guest, Paddy, ashore to catch his bus back to Crosshaven. An idyllic backdrop to an evening of swimming, eating and drinking.

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Crosshaven to Plymouth

Getting out of a tight spot

Crosshaven (In the Republic of Ireland) is within the natural harbour of Cork. The previous skipper and crew of Brighton Belle, by their own admission, got her into a tight space. We got her out.

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