Pornichet to La Rochelle 20 July 2019

Surveying the weather forecast the week beforehand was depressing. Like farmers, sailors are never happy with the weather, forecast to be high pressure for two weeks and not a breath of wind above 5kn, and, as we all know, BB likes a good blow. How wrong could we be? The days settled to a pattern; a few breaths in the morning building to F3-4 durin...

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Channel Islands Cruise 15-22 June 2019

The plan was simple: to enjoy a leisurely week exploring the harbours and coast lines of Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Guernsey and 'deliver' Brighton Belle to Plymouth. And so Skipper Paul with MikeM, Pascal, Rami, Rik and Phil joined Brighton Belle in the St Helier marina located close to the town centre on a balmy Saturday. We enjoyed a crew dinner at a busy French restaurant in St Helier's bustling restaurant district, then set alarms for an early start the next day.‚Äč

Once the marina sill had enough water over it to allow us to leave, we sailed carefully through the rock-strewn Violet Channel and up the east coast of Jersey, helped along by the Sunday morning tide.

Having arrived at our destination on the north coast in better time than expected, and enjoying the brisk and building north-easterly, we decided to sail on to Sark. Greve de la Ville provided us shelter for the night and a fine meal aboard courtesy of the crew "chef du jour".

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Channel Islands Cruise

The main challenge and attraction of sailing in the Channel Islands is the large tidal range and strong tidal currents. Get the calculations wrong and either shoot past the desired destination or not be able to make enough progress to get there at all! As it turned out the tides worked in our favour pretty much all week with no outrageously early s...

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Dieppe Dash 2019

Bob, Mike, Andrew, George, Lynn and Chris

What's  better than shaking off early season dust  than a quick dash to delightful Dieppe? And so it was early on the Friday of the May Day Holiday weekend Steve, Chris, Bob , George, Lynn , Mike and Andrew scraped out of Brighton Marina to the start line of the Dieppe Dash 2019. The initial thrill subsided somewhat as we became becalmed ...

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