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Cruise 3rd to 10th October - Swanwick to Brighton

It's October and I am sitting outside (it's a bit chilly, but needs must these days) the tennis club savouring my pint. "Haven't seen you for a couple of weeks".  It's 'Bill the busker' "I was away sailing last week" "That'll be that boat of yours then" "Well strictly speaking it's the club's yacht, but we buy shares in it and I like to drop "...

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Return from Lockdown

Towards the end of last year, Brighton Belle arrived in the Canaries for another winter cruising season. Little did we know that a few months later the last crew would be flying home, leaving Brighton Belle in Marina San Miguel, Tenerife, as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold.

This July, a decision was taken to bring her home to the UK, come what may, and an intrepid crew led by Stewart flew out to Tenerife to carry out some overdue repairs, and start on the long passage back to Brighton. The crew comprises Stewart Henton (skipper), Mike Maddox (mate), Chris Anderson, Phil Helby, Petra Kopp, Bill Hill and Sevdalina Rukanova. They have hired an Iridium satellite phone, so they can download GRIB files and other weather data, and upload reports of their progress.

This blog is a rolling account of their trip as it occurs, and will be updated as each report comes in. Feel free to comment (scroll to the bottom of the page), although the onboard crew will not be able to read your comments until they reach land. This could be en route, or only at journey's end.

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