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Dublin to Plymouth

​Our cruise started in Dublin, the home of Guinness, although most of the crew chose alternative drinks when we eat in the very busy Temple Bar area of the city on Saturday. Three of the crew were staying on from the previous week from Oban so were well settled in to the routine of BB. I had been in Dublin since Wednesday and had heard all about th...
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Wonderful Scottish West Coast - 11 to 18 August 2018

Blog author: Mike MaddoxMy recipe for a successful Brighton Belle cruise includes: opportunities to develop sailing (and boat handling) skills; practising pilotage / navigation; exploring remote areas – the history, geography, wildlife etc. … all while having fun in a team of like-minded people … and, of course, enjoying fine food! The...
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A photographic commission: Oban to Oban

Chief photographer
In my first trip on Brighton Belle sailing as skipper I prepared two passages one to do an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Mull in settled weather and one for bad weather in the event of multiple south-westerly fronts coming over. The reality in the words of the Met-Office was "changeable" and with two fronts expected 4 days apart, ...
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Mallaig to Oban

Pascal, Geoff, Stuart, Laura, Mike & Matt.
An awful lot had been promised about sailing around the west coast of Scotland by our skipper Stuart. I can happily report that there was no exaggeration. We had decent wind, various forms of weather and fantastic anchorage opportunities all week long.Skippered by Stuart with his motley crew - Matt, Mike, Pascal, Geoff & Laura - we...
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Sailing to St. Kilda - July 2018

​Our crew of six, led by Phillip and Neil, started the week in style by enjoying a fine dining experience at The Digby Chick restaurant, which set us up for the week ahead. ​Sunday dawned warm and sunny for our 55 mile leg down to Lochmaddy on North Uist and we were delighted to have a sighting of a Minke whale whilst sailing. The weather dete...
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Brighton Belle arrives home after a 7246 mile cruise!

Brighton Belle sailed out of Brighton marina on September 3rd 2016 heading off for a winter cruising adventure. Since then she has traveled 7246 miles visiting Guernsey, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, La Gomera, Isla de la Palma, the Azores,  across to Brittany, up the French Atlantic coast and ove...
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West Country Cruise 2017

​ We, the "Magnificent 7", rose with ease to the challenge presented to us by the previous crew, who had wedged Brighton Belle unceremoniously into an impossibly tight berth, and slipped elegantly away to the amazement of the Harbour Master who stood watching in a state of stunned admiration, not witnessed since the time of Drake. A week of fine we...
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Brest to Plymouth via the Scilly Isles - July 2017

Brest to Plymouth 1- 8 July 2017. BB final leg back to British waters after 10 months away. Philip Ford skipper. Crew; Keith and Rory Reynolds, William Hill, Pascal Labourel, Charles Wellingham. 5 of us set out from Southampton airport for the short flight to Brest on a twin turboprop, and were treated to great views of the Chan...
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Brighton Belle in La Rochelle

After sailing some 1200+ NM from the Punta Delgada, Azores. The twin towers at the entrance to La Rochelle's Vieux Port provided a memorable entrance to the harbour. The two large towers were built in the fourteenth century , "La Chaîne" in the West and "Saint Nicholas" in the east.During that period there were chains strung between the towers...
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Cruising to and around the Azores

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Azores to La Rochelle

Azores to La Rochelle
Tuesday 6 June 1200 GMTLeft Ponta Delgada 1700 yesterday negotiating strong wind off in a tight space, controlled until clear by midship spring. Yes! Based on wind off expected nice following wind east to Ponta de Madrugada. Ha! Man plans and God laughs! Wind on the nose and only 5kn so engine on with mainsail and mizzen raised.Engine is still on ....
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La Palma Carnival Cruise

View of Mount Teide on Tenerife: 3,718m high, the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic
What a great week we had – and thank you to Skipper Paul for organising this special trip that gave us a chance to visit three islands and to experience a very special carnival celebration on La Palma.We arrived on Tenerife to take over Brighton Belle from Julie and Pete, who had given her lots of TLC the previous week – beautifully sc...
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Tenerife and La Gomera with Brighton Belle and Friends

Tenerife and La Gomera with Brighton Belle and Friends
Tenerife February  2017 Janice Dykes  Sunday Flew out Saturday 13:50 from Gatwick EasyJet. Landed Tenerife 6:30 ish and then wild taxi ride to Marina San Miguel.I was the last to arrive: Stuart,Stewart, Judith, Richard, Charles all settled in. Dinner of fish and spinach- lovely, some wine and then sleep. In the morning head...
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High Winds to Tenerife

Good mix of shorter day sails with a longer crossing from Lanzarote to Tenerife.Weather a bit mixed but great company, good food and wine and the wonderful Brighton Belle. Crew Phillip Ford (skipper and TEFL instructor), Neil Hurrell, Shelley Hurrell, Peter Wales, Micheal Prewer and David Roberts.

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New Batteries on Brighton Belle

​We've just received the following by text message from Stewart and Ingmar in Lanzarote:A busy day yesterday paying ransom to get the batteries released. Gave up on their delivery proposal of Tuesday, so found the warehouse and collected them. Loaded them into hire car. Drove 35km to marina and unloaded eight 40kg batteries and walked them one by o...
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Check out the article in All-at-Sea on line magazine

I picked up All-at-Sea free newspaper in Gosport Marina and submitted an article about how to buyan Oyster 55 for £4,000!  click on this link​A shared dream | All At Sea When Stephen Benham bought an Oyster 55 for £4,000 his friends could not believe it. However Ste...
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Brighton Belle sailing in 2017

This blog is to wish all members and friends of Brighton Belle Sailing Club a Happy Christmas and to give a brief outline of our sailing plans for 2017, so that you can sail more and ensure your Happy New Year :-)

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Lanzarote Revisited

Lanzarote Revisited
Bob Williams (skipper), Paul Taylor (mate), Steven Avery, Lynn Riley, Charles Wellingham, Mike Maddox.Our week-long cruise gave us an opportunity to enjoy many aspects of Lanzarote: its rich cultural heritage, magnificent landscapes and comfortable, varied sailing, with the crew taking turns and sharing the helming fun.We met up over t...
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Brighton Belle’s winter in the Canaries Lanzarote, 12th to 19th November 2016

Brighton Belle’s winter in the Canaries 
Lanzarote, 12th to 19th November 2016
I write this as a bit of a novice sea sailor, half way through my Day Skipper theory course and a complete newcomer to Brighton Belle. What a wonderful boat you have! Here's a brief report of her late November outing around Lanzarote. We, the fresh new crew of three complete strangers to each other, joined skipper Fiona, first mate Jo...
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Brighton to Lisbon

Brighton to Lisbon
Hello, I'm Matt. I'm a prospective and hopefully soon to be new member. I thought I would check out the Brighton Belle with a weekend cruise. As it turned out, our dairies only matched up for the Brighton to Lisbon delivery cruise, a little bit more sailing than I envisaged but it sounded like a fantastic opportunity for an adventure and to get to ...
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Airborne Eastbourne Cruise

Airborne Eastbourne Cruise
For those not there, and perhaps to whet your appetite for next year, there really is nothing quite like being moored half a mile offshore at Eastbourne, and have the Red Arrows fly straight over you in formation as they open the event and then get to view their display as it unfolds around you. 8 Yachts cruised over for the event including BMYC's ...
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Obituary – Richard Goodbourn 1932–2016

Richard Goodbourn on Hamilton Island
Member of Brighton Belle Sailing Club Richard, a shareholder with the Brighton Belle Sailing club and a founder member and long-time supporter of the Marabu Sailing Club, recently died after a rather protracted illness. This brief statement does not do him justice and what follows describes just one aspect of this quiet and determined gentleman's ...
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Exploring from Dartmouth to Penzance 2nd – 9th July 2016

An excellent week exploring south coast resorts and estuaries. Weather was mixed with a lot of grey clouds, some fog and sometimes cold but we were lucky as we had little rain during the day and had constant SW/W F3-5 winds most of the time giving us comfortable sailing with all canvas raised.A big thank you to skipper George and Mate Fiona. Crew w...
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Video of Brighton Belle under sail

See this amazing video of Brighton Belle taking part in the 2016 Sussex Yacht Club Royal Escape race from Brighton to Fecamp in France. Many thanks to crew member and drone pilot Shawn Vader for this wonderful video. Watch Now ...
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Dieppe Dash 2016 - we wuz robbed!

​Confident of emulating 2015 success, El Commodore (aka Stewart) and crew, Terry, Steve, Paul (x2) and Kate, entered the Dieppe Dash 2016 over the bank holiday weekend. Last year's carefully timed arrival, just before the wind died leaving the competition to paddle, could not be repeated, regrettably. BB's harsh handicap left us 4th over the line, ...
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BB GOES EAST(Again!)Last weekend we took BB to Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne for the third time this year and were once again welcomed by the extremely friendly members of the Yacht Club there. The food is first class and inexpensive. (I wont mention the bottle of Port.)The wind was just perfect, being a beam reach both ways in the regi...
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You missed the party!

Where were you all?! Bob, Mike, Charles and Alex waited at the Sovereign YC bar until late for you all to arrive. Well we had a party anyway, supported by the members of the YC, notably Dickie and Gary who have recent history as extremely sociable. I am afraid "what goes on tour stays on tour", as they say. You will have to try and extract details ...
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Brighton Belle in the press

Yachting Monthly magazine sent a journalist along to join our delivery trip to Ireland in May 2015. ..
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Shannon & Aran Isle - Unauthorised log book

Shannon & Aran Isle - Unauthorised log book
​Friday: Mustered at the gate for the flight to Shannon. Steve was banging on about how we should have joined him in the BA lounge. Good of him to say so at the gate... RyanAir on time! Overnight at Faulty Towers (aka Park Inn).​Saturday: Beautiful sight, my boat (BB) moored on a hammerhead! Crew brought my kit on board. Need to train the...
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Topside polishing

Topside polishing
​Just spent a freezing cold day in the marina boatyard, cleaning and polishing Brighton Belle's topsides. I'd taken over from Paul who'd arrived much earlier than me, and done some great work on the port forward section. It was about 5Tomorrow should be better, as the gale will have abated and the sun will be shining.I'm still trying to work o...
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A Moment of Reflection

A Moment of Reflection
​A well-known name, an infamous place of danger, and a famous lighthouse. To cap it all - the largest yacht race in the world.Last week we sailed past the Fastnet Rock. It's a piece of rock that appears from the sea around 10 miles off the south west corner of Ireland. We were sailing from Bere Island to Sherkin Island. Both delightfully set in qui...
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Brighton Belle & Brighton Lifeboat Woman Overboard Exercise

Brighton Belle & Brighton Lifeboat Woman Overboard Exercise
Gordon, Liz, Stewart and I had the most interesting, useful and enjoyable session on Sunday 18 October practising our Man overboard drill . We were ably assisted by Brighton Lifeboat. Dan Gurr, the senior helm, kindly agreed to help us and supply a man(sic) to go overboard – crew member Irenka Griffin. Gordon had come prepared for a dip but was, I ...
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From Cork to Kinsale the long way

On the 6th of June 2015 Brighton Belle was on the custom house pontoon in the heart of Cork, Ireland. A brilliant spot for visiting Cork and its night life.

I was staying on as skipper from the previous week. After the previous week of gales on the nose all the way from Brighton I was chilling out on deck in the sunshine while waiting for the arrival of the new crew and guests for the coming week. 

I was delighted to hear that the new crew Jo, Beth and  Francina wanted to stay that night in Cork. Another chance to enjoy that delightful city.

Early next morning after a hearty breakfast, safety briefings and a chat about the week to come, we slipped down the river, past Cobh and out toward the sea. Sunday morning and the harbour was full of yachts racing as we sail out between them and out towards the Old Head of Kinsale. . 

The wind was light and the sea calm and I was praising Neptune for favoring us as my plan was to make a shortish passage this first day giving the new guests a chance to get familiar with the boat and learn the ropes in comfort.

The tide had risen just enough to clear the bar at the entrance of Castletownsend as we sailed in. perfect timing! A really beautiful narrow river entrance leading to a small village with jetty where we rafted up by letting the incoming tide gently glide us into position along side a slightly smaller yacht with nervous looking but very friendly owners. 

Beth cooked up a beautiful beef stroganof dinner, we visited the local pub and after an adventurous day, slept like babies..........the week continues


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The spinaker and the moon


Back from the Castle Inn for an early night (ha!) on Sunday to see this fantastic view from BB.  The Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth is always impressive, but the big fat moon next to it.  Awesome!

Now all you sailors know that the full moon causes spring tides, and the closer the moon the bigger the tide.  As predicted they were the biggest for ages (40 years if I recall).  Judging by the “Pain” “Pain” calls from the sand banks in the Solent quite a number were caught out.  Then today we had a very visual reminder:  a full 2 hours before low tide in Brighton Marina (dredged to 2 metres by the way) all the red and green lateral channel buoys were high and dry.  That’s why we left early from Portsmouth and put the pedal to the metal to arrive 3 hours before LT.  (BB 2.4 metres draft by the way…)

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Kinsale to Crookhaven (and back) 18th -24th July 2015

Kinsale to Crookhaven (and back)  18th -24th July 2015
                   Blessed with a window of sunny yet breezy weather the stage was set for a week of leisurely cruising with beautiful anchorages in secluded locations off this most picturesque corner of Ireland. Kinsale      ...
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News flash...BB wins Dieppe Dash

News flash...BB wins Dieppe Dash

And that’s not the half of it!

Assembled Thursday night for the Race Briefing at Brighton Marina Yacht Club.  Coq au Vin all round in honour of the event.  Over 20 boats racing plus another 20 or so cruising.  BMYC was humming, but as usual the BB team were last to leave…no more need be said.

Up at 04:30 hrs to prepare the boat, then out of the marina ready for the race start at 07:00. Wind puffing a bit, say f5, but to be honest we were all keyed up for the start so didn’t notice the swell...  After a bit of confusion with the start time which created a ‘practice’ start for us Stewart manoeuvred Brighton Belle into prime position to cross the start line next to the Committee Boat just  after the start gun (just showing off!).


b2ap3_thumbnail_bb-at-start.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_1644.JPG    b2ap3_thumbnail_heavy-weather-1.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_1647.JPG

It was rather exciting handling BB in very close formation with the other race boats climbing up to the windward mark. Found a space to tack to lay the mark, but were now on port tack with a few boats crossing on starboard. I guess one of our competitors was a little intimidated by Brighton Belle’s size and tacked anyway despite having priority and being able to pass ahead if he had wanted (he didn’t get round the mark!). As we rounded the mark and bore away to a close reach Brighton Belle came into her own, with her powerful sails driving her comfortably through the waves we  found ourselves passing boat after boat, except for Hurricane the Elan 450, winners of their class and line honours, but we chased them hard all the way. 

Strictly speaking Hurricane was 20 mins ahead most of the way, but this is a blog and why let the facts get in the way of a good story.  They “sneaked” in just before the wind change, the latter costing BB a late tack and another 25 mins or so.  Still we were all “well chuffed”:  crossed the Channel at nearly 8 knot average, 2nd line honours, and over an hour ahead of the nearest boats who were still “slinking” in at 21:00.  We crossed the line just after 16:00.  Awesome!

Saturday was voted a lie in due to our exertions during the race, so Steve got up at six and Stewart had croissants on the table by eight.  Do these skippers ever sleep?  Most of us went off to visit the famous market.  It’s massive, probably a mile or so of stalls plus the square in front of the church.  Judging by the press of people, most of Normandy comes to buy their provisions for the week.  Great minds think alike.  Both Terry and Stewart returned with melon and chevre for the aperitif at 6 o’clock.  Suitably refreshed all seven of us sat down to a 4 course meal at the Marmite Dieppoise. One of the best meals I have had in a while, in fact superb, and only €55 per head including a couple of bottles (poetic licence again) of Muscadet!  Must have been the company!

Prize giving for the Dieppe Dash took place in the Dieppe Yacht club on the harbour and we collected lots of prizes for being first in Class. b2ap3_thumbnail_bb-at-start.jpg 

.b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_1698.JPG  DSC_1710.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_1722.JPG

Weather was looking a bit dicy for Sunday, gusting at least f7 and right on the nose for our planned 5 hour hop down to Fecamp.  Also the sand bar at Fecamp combined with low tide at 06:30 on    Monday might have caused a very late start for our crossing back to Brighton.   We opted for a spin out in the bay to show off BB to the sunbathers on Dieppe beach…on closer inspection we were alone.  Can’t think why.  These Dieppois really are light weights: f5-f7, on shore wind, and 10C.  Nobody on the beach to see BB.  Je ne comprends pas ces froggies.

Stewart had organised an ‘open boat’ aboard BB for pre-dinner G&T.  Failed to tell us he had invited all the boats in Dieppe marina.  30 people turned up to inspect the winning yacht, armed with a bottle or tinny each.   (hey they just turned up..marina gossip travels fast - Stewart). Sunny evening and a good party followed by a meal out at La Fregate.

So to Monday.  Another early start, six o’clock off the pontoon.  Rubbing the sleep from our eyes we prised ourselves out of our mooring (long lines fore and aft, and a spring attached to SV Katherine (ozzie 65 foot yacht).  After 3-4 hours of a steady 7 kn the wind started to drop off as predicted and we had a good chug back to Brighton arriving just in time to slip through the lock about five o’clock before the low tide lock out. 

Oh! Nearly forgot the prizes.   BBYC is now the proud owner of the Dieppe Dash trophy.   We decided to award the other Dash giveaways to the Ingmar, Debra and Richard:  first crossing of the Channel and what a way to do it!

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Brighton Belle en route to Dieppe

I wasn't on the Dieppe Dash with Brighton Belle, as I was crewing on Silver Fox - but it gave me the chance to watch her sail by, all graceful and everything... and fast too- second over the line in Dieppe and class winner.

Here's what I saw from the deck of Silver Fox (before the gales and huge waves started, and the camera had to go firmly back into a dry place! Hope you can see these photos.... when I preview I can just see a row of boxes... however, they appear when I click on them!



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Cork to Plymouth August 2015

Cork to Plymouth August 2015


Cork to Plymouth, 8th to 15th August 2015

This should have been week 2 of 2, with the first week shaking fins with whales and dolphins around the South and West of Ireland. Unfortunately a deep Atlantic low pressure system intervened and Brighton Belle stayed warm and cosy in Crosshaven for the week while high winds blew and high waves broke around the coast. I took advantage of the week to do a land tour instead, in a tiny hire car around the narrow roads of West Cork and Kerry, but that's not really a Brighton Belle blog, so....

... on 7th August, I drove my little car back to Crosshaven and met up with Paul and Bob, the first crew members to arrive. We had a splendid evening in Crosshaven, feeling it important to check out the watering holes... The Oar and The Anchor stay in my mind. Come Saturday morning saw the arrival of Fiona (skipper), Joan, Stephen and Malcolm. We spent the day getting ready, sorting out the boat, stocking up on supplies, ready to leave. 

We set off Sunday, around 12, heading for the Isles of Scilly. A memorable trip, lasting 26 hours (at least double anything I had done before). We had plenty of wind, some pretty impressive waves, a pod of porpoises, several pods of dolphins, a lot of kitkats and twixes, a ton of rain and not a lot of sleep- rewarded by a view on Monday afternoon of the Isles of Scilly, bathed in sunshine, just like they look on the postcards.

We spent the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday recuperating in New Grimsby harbour on Tresco, going ashore to check out the pub and the beautiful gardens. On Wednesday we set out for Falmouth... first wildlife of the day was a sunfish, not looking at all well, and that was followed by a minke whale...fabulous. We had an exciting ride over the  'overfalls'  - felt like surf canoeing- I'm sure I heard the Hawaii 5-0 theme... but as that is my ringtone it could have been a call about PPI. We also had a view of the Red Arrows, who we thought had arrived to greet us but it seems they were booked for Falmouth festival... which was in full flow as we arrived. Great sailing followed by a very neat bit of mooring on a pontoon gave us access to all the joys of Falmouth.... cold showers but warm pubs.

Thursday saw us heading from Falmouth to Fowey..... The sailing was great but there was an awful lot of rain. We spent a long time drying out before taking the water taxi to town for food at Sam's.... the most enormous servings!! Fowey was such a pretty place, and one I need to visit again soon. I had a quick rush round the town in daylight on Friday before we set off again to Plymouth on Friday.... a beautiful sail... great winds, bit of sunshine and .... yes.... more dolphins!

Brighton Belle was, as ever, every inch the lady. She laughs at big waves and strong winds, taking it all in her stride. It was a privilege to be with her for the week, and similarly a privilege to have sailed with such a great crew- all more experienced than me but endlessly patient and with an eclectic taste in music....

Thanks all

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Brighton to Beachy Head

For our day sail on Brighton Belle, with skipper George and mate Bob, we had 8 crew, several of whom had not met previously. Three were sailing first timers, but we all had an opportunity to steer the 55ft Brighton Belle under sail. After a safety briefing from the skipper we proceeded from the inner berth at Brighton Marina, through the lock, and out into the English Channel. We'd all wrapped up warm as the forecast was for cloud cover and a fresh breeze from the north.


I've sailed out of Brighton Marina a few times but I still enjoy seeing Brighton seafront laid out along the coast in front of me. It's fun seeing all the various squares and hotels and from pier to (remains of) pier in one view. Anyway, we were headed in the other direction, away from Brighton, towards Eastbourne and Beachy Head.


Once the sails were hoisted (a team effort), the engine was cut. This is another favourite moment of mine: when the rumble from the engine finishes, there's only the sound of the wind and waves, and the boat (in this case, the big boat) continues carving a path through the ocean regardless.



After enjoying views of the Seven Sisters (a series of chalk cliffs) and the lighthouse off Beachy Head, we were treated to a generous helping of sunshine – a pleasant surprise after the prediction of overcast skies and a welcome taster for the summer sailing to come. The sea became blue and the coastline shone bright white.


A few hours later, we headed back to the marina to beat the low tide. We finished the day in the clubhouse of the Brighton Marina Sailing Club some of us continued conversations from earlier in the day over a pint of two of a local Sussex brew.

David Williams

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Shakedown sail. What an introduction to BB!

I joined BB on the strength of a nice lunch and meeting a lovely group of people, so was really looking forward to actually going out to sea on her. I joined in late January and up to last Sunday my experience of BB has been mostly wandering round looking helpful with a pair of pliers and waving a hose over hatches to check for leaks. However, on Sunday, the gods which rule crane hire and weather (and hard work by members and friends) smiled and she was ready to rules the waves. 

It was a fabulous day... she is such a lady. We had a great mixture of conditions, waves and winds, but the experience was magical, and I can't wait to go out on her again and especially the Ireland trip. 


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Brighton Belle is re-masted

Brighton Belle is re-masted

Brighton Belle was re-masted today and is now proudly wearing shinny new rigging. She looks very smart . Follow this link to see the event. Thanks Ingmar.


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Brighton Belle has been de-masted

Brighton Belle has been de-masted


Yesterday we set about unstepping both of Brighton Belle's masts for service and rigging replacement


Brighton Belle was moved to a berth close to the road that goes over the bridge into the boat yard.  The crane set up in the road and lifted Mike Stevens up to tie the slings on. Once the weight of the mast was supported by the crane, all the shrouds were disconnected at deck level and the mast was slowly lifted straight up. Brighton Belle was reluctant to let the mast go...stuck fast but after a few anxious moments and with a little work it suddenly popped and started to rise out of the deck. The mast was laid onto wooden trestles ready to be serviced and re rigged in the coming days.


That left Brighton Belle with just the mizzen mast standing. It was getting late and the light was fading by the time the mizzen mast was lifted off to lay alongside the main mast.


Lots of work now to renew the rigging and service everything that is usually many metres above the deck!




Thanks to everyone involved.


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Brighton Belle has been lifted into the boat yard for winter maintenace

Brighton Belle has been lifted into the boat yard for winter maintenace

Brighton Belle has been lifted into the boatyard this afternoon to have her bottom pampered. The Coppercoat finish applied last year has done a fantastic job and kept the hull really clean. Just a thin dark slime has grown. 



....but as you can see, a quick pressure wash and the bottom is back to perfect again! Excellent!

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New Years Resolution


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. “  Mark Twain.

He forgot to mention the stern lines but inspiring for all that. See you on the high seas in 2015


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Brighton Belle is going to Ireland this summer

Brighton Belle is going to Ireland this summer

At the end of May we will take a long voyage of nearly 400 nautical miles to get Brighton Belle to Ireland in a couple of hops of about 2 days. Then we will have gentle potter along the coast visiting the beautiful harbours and inlets looking for that perfect sheltered spot away from the noisy bustle of modern life, before returning to Cork to hand over to the next Skipper and crew.

Each of the following crews will fly to Cork or Shannon airports and share a taxi to get to the boat. They are then in easy reach of the beautiful south west coast of Ireland. The Irish Cruising Club has this to say about it: 'the coast provides some of the most fascinating sailing imaginable with many well sheltered anchorages and endless scope for exploration. The sea is empty of shipping, except for local fishing craft. The scenery is varied and magnificent. The inhabitants are courteous and friendly'. 

See details of the dates and location of cruise on our web-site

If you sign up as crew, you will be spending one or two weeks this summer sailing  and exploring this beautiful area on Brighton Belle.   We look forward to sailing with you.

We love to chat so contact us to ask all those questions!

Stewart Henton  07766706000   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bob Williams  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mince pies and mulled wine

Our gathering on Saturday was a great success with about 30 visitors, 60 mince pies, 2 gallons of mulled wine and some fabulous food.

It was really lovely to see Brighton Bell smartly dressed in Christmas lights and full of smiling faces and conversation.

Thanks to all who came to meet us and a really big thank you to Liz for being such a fantastic hostess and for producing such lovely nibbles. Pheasant Yorkshire puds!  

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A man fell over board this Sunday.......four times!

Brighton Belle sailed out of Brighton Marina for a jolly today. With 7 on board we set off to have a little fun and practice some manoeuvres. 

Skipper Phillip, assisted by a willing crew of 6 threw a nominated member of the yachts equipment over the side and shouted 'man over board'.

Lots of action, sail handling and great teamwork had us sailing back and picking up the 'casualty' within about 4 minutes.

In the excited discussion that followed, we talked about boat control and speed of approach and what could have been done better. It was agreed that the recovery had been quite successful. 

Then, extraordinarily, that nominated member of the yacht's equipment, the danbuoy and horseshoe life ring, was over the side again!

We took turns and got him back successfully........ four times Cool

Lunch break and then back to the marina to practice a bit of manouvring under engine in tight spaces. Honestly we were going round in circles.


This was great day out, un-damped by the weather, and it was great to see our four newest members on board with us today.

 (Rest assured, no danbuoys or life rings were injured in the  making of this report).


On 17.11.2014 11:08:00 debra bazell said:

Thank you so much to Phillip & Stewart for taking us out on BB yesterday. Was a fabulous day and we learnt at lot. We would especially like to thank The club for the poster, Stewart for sail summary, Tatti for the gear advice /photos and everyone else who sailed for their lovely help and company.

What a great way to spend a Sunday! Beats housework and gardening for sure. Would add though, that MOB training has made me very determined not to be that man :)


Debra and Richard



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Cruise 7 Cork to Penzance - A Scilly Route

Cruise 7 Cork to Penzance - A Scilly Route

Joining the boat all went swimmingly – thankfully not literally as she was berthed in the Cork Royal Yacht Club marina at Crosshaven and access was via pontoon - until I decided to pop into the club bar for a drink. Who was to know that ordering a Guinness rather than a Murphy’s would be a hanging offence in these parts? I would have been in less trouble for ordering a Scottish whisky.

The rest of the crew arrived late from their flights but the Guinness, followed by a Murphy’s for reasons of diversity and inclusion, ensured that I was not disturbed till the morning. The day was spent provisioning, plotting and generally preparing to sail with a bit of socialising, string games and swimming thrown in – again not literally.

We had a glorious sunny sail from Crosshaven to Glandore with good winds, and anchored as close as we could to the little jetty where George took our day guest, Paddy, ashore to catch his bus back to Crosshaven. An idyllic backdrop to an evening of swimming, eating and drinking.

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Crosshaven to Plymouth

Crosshaven to Plymouth

Getting out of a tight spot

Crosshaven (In the Republic of Ireland) is within the natural harbour of Cork. The previous skipper and crew of Brighton Belle, by their own admission, got her into a tight space. We got her out.

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Cruise 06 The terror of Biscay and the calm of Ireland

July 12th to 26th 2014

At the beginning of the year I signed up for Brighton Belle’s voyage from Sada in Galicia, northern Spain to Crosshaven, County Cork, in southern Ireland. As part of their own preparation for the voyage Brian and Diana Moore had signed up to a 600 mile sail on Velvet Lady, another Oyster 55, in March. They were confronted by gale force winds for most of their week on board and the experience had told Brian, the Skipper for our trip across the Bay of Biscay, that it could turn out to be very demanding of the crew’s competence and resilience. So on 6th June the whole crew met in Brighton for a pre- voyage briefing (and a tasty meal!). Brian’s and Diana’s stories of the rigours and dangers of their own voyage certainly hit the mark with me and if I hadn’t been apprehensive beforehand I certainly was from then on.

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