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Brighton Belle has been de-masted

Brighton Belle has been de-masted


Yesterday we set about unstepping both of Brighton Belle's masts for service and rigging replacement


Brighton Belle was moved to a berth close to the road that goes over the bridge into the boat yard.  The crane set up in the road and lifted Mike Stevens up to tie the slings on. Once the weight of the mast was supported by the crane, all the shrouds were disconnected at deck level and the mast was slowly lifted straight up. Brighton Belle was reluctant to let the mast go...stuck fast but after a few anxious moments and with a little work it suddenly popped and started to rise out of the deck. The mast was laid onto wooden trestles ready to be serviced and re rigged in the coming days.


That left Brighton Belle with just the mizzen mast standing. It was getting late and the light was fading by the time the mizzen mast was lifted off to lay alongside the main mast.


Lots of work now to renew the rigging and service everything that is usually many metres above the deck!




Thanks to everyone involved.




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