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Brighton Belle sailing in 2017

This blog is to wish all members and friends of Brighton Belle Sailing Club a Happy Christmas and to give a brief outline of our sailing plans for 2017, so that you can sail more and ensure your Happy New Year :-)

Brighton Belle is enjoying a winter season in the Canary islands at the moment which is going very well indeed. 

After a lovely warm winter in the Canary islands Brighton Belle will start heading North on April 15th . She will be stopping in Madeira for a week, and a crew change, before continuing on to the Azores archipelago. The Azores is an unusual cruising destination some nine hundred miles West of Portugal, way out in the Atlantic. Brighton Belle will spend a few weeks here to give many members a chance to sail around these magnificent volcanic islands.

Then a bit more offshore sailing for the voyage between the Azores and Brittany. About 1200 miles which, if the wind is kind, should take between 7 and 12 days. A great mile building voyage for your log book?

Once in Brittany Brighton Belle will cruise gently around the coast to one of the ports on the North coast of Brittany before crossing the western end of the English channel to the Isles of Scilly. She will cruise there before crossing to one of the West country ports such as Falmouth or Plymouth.

In July we will bring Brighton Belle to the Solent where we will have a couple of weeks when members will get the chance to practice their sail handling, boat handling and maneuvering skills followed by a nice evening in one of the lovely local pubs perhaps. 

In August Brighton Belle will return to Brighton marina and from here she will be taken out for various day cruises, weekend cruises and a couple of longer trips to London and to Amsterdam for example.

With this wide variety of cruises we hope that members and guests will find their perfect sailing adventure in 2017, whether it be bold and challenging ocean crossing or comfortable sailing from marina to marina or quiet anchorage enjoying the delights of coastal cruising.

As a Member or a Guest you can choose from any of our cruises to suit your availability, experience & inclination for sailing on a large, comfortable, safe, top quality yacht.  If you are interested in becoming a member we would love to hear from you.

Keep a close eye on the our Club events calendar  where all sailing opportunities will be posted for members and guests to 'join in' as crew.

Our end of year plan is to have a maintenance period of about six weeks in November / December 2017 and we will aim to get BB back sailing before Christmas. I think another Christmas party on board will be in order. 

Now where should we go in 2018?  BBSC members, please let your steering committee know your sailing ambitions.

Brighton Belle at anchor off Islas de Cies in Galicia.

I wish all Brighton Belle Sailing Club members and friends a happy Christmas and New Year celebrations followed by some super sailing in 2017.  Best wishes, Stewart Henton



Bob Williams on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:02
The beer was good

A successful meeting, and it was really good to see so many new and prospective members. Good beer as well!

A successful meeting, and it was really good to see so many new and prospective members. Good beer as well!
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