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A man fell over board this Sunday.......four times!

Brighton Belle sailed out of Brighton Marina for a jolly today. With 7 on board we set off to have a little fun and practice some manoeuvres. 

Skipper Phillip, assisted by a willing crew of 6 threw a nominated member of the yachts equipment over the side and shouted 'man over board'.

Lots of action, sail handling and great teamwork had us sailing back and picking up the 'casualty' within about 4 minutes.

In the excited discussion that followed, we talked about boat control and speed of approach and what could have been done better. It was agreed that the recovery had been quite successful. 

Then, extraordinarily, that nominated member of the yacht's equipment, the danbuoy and horseshoe life ring, was over the side again!

We took turns and got him back successfully........ four times Cool

Lunch break and then back to the marina to practice a bit of manouvring under engine in tight spaces. Honestly we were going round in circles.


This was great day out, un-damped by the weather, and it was great to see our four newest members on board with us today.

 (Rest assured, no danbuoys or life rings were injured in the  making of this report).


On 17.11.2014 11:08:00 debra bazell said:

Thank you so much to Phillip & Stewart for taking us out on BB yesterday. Was a fabulous day and we learnt at lot. We would especially like to thank The club for the poster, Stewart for sail summary, Tatti for the gear advice /photos and everyone else who sailed for their lovely help and company.

What a great way to spend a Sunday! Beats housework and gardening for sure. Would add though, that MOB training has made me very determined not to be that man :)


Debra and Richard





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