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Crosshaven to Plymouth

Crosshaven to Plymouth
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Getting out of a tight spot

Crosshaven (In the Republic of Ireland) is within the natural harbour of Cork. The previous skipper and crew of Brighton Belle, by their own admission, got her into a tight space. We got her out.

What we did was a full 180 (by hand) and backed into the opposite mooring, which happened to be empty. However they had flaked the sails beautifully.

Actually, Brighton Belle was nicely positioned to drive straight out of her berth. The only difficulty was that both tide and wind were flowing eastwards (downstream) at our chosen departure time. This would have swept her broadside into all the boats on the fingers facing us as we turned away from the berth. We were lucky to find the two berths opposite empty, so that we could drive out against both wind and tide. (Bob's comments)

As we left the mooring, light airs and slack water made for an easy and (some would say) very elegant exit. Bob (Skipper), George (Mate) and Tatti, Liz and Gordon.

George’s brother-in-law Paddy

joined us for the easy trip along the coast

to a most delightful bay at Glandore.



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