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Cork to Plymouth August 2015

Cork to Plymouth August 2015


Cork to Plymouth, 8th to 15th August 2015

This should have been week 2 of 2, with the first week shaking fins with whales and dolphins around the South and West of Ireland. Unfortunately a deep Atlantic low pressure system intervened and Brighton Belle stayed warm and cosy in Crosshaven for the week while high winds blew and high waves broke around the coast. I took advantage of the week to do a land tour instead, in a tiny hire car around the narrow roads of West Cork and Kerry, but that's not really a Brighton Belle blog, so....

... on 7th August, I drove my little car back to Crosshaven and met up with Paul and Bob, the first crew members to arrive. We had a splendid evening in Crosshaven, feeling it important to check out the watering holes... The Oar and The Anchor stay in my mind. Come Saturday morning saw the arrival of Fiona (skipper), Joan, Stephen and Malcolm. We spent the day getting ready, sorting out the boat, stocking up on supplies, ready to leave. 

We set off Sunday, around 12, heading for the Isles of Scilly. A memorable trip, lasting 26 hours (at least double anything I had done before). We had plenty of wind, some pretty impressive waves, a pod of porpoises, several pods of dolphins, a lot of kitkats and twixes, a ton of rain and not a lot of sleep- rewarded by a view on Monday afternoon of the Isles of Scilly, bathed in sunshine, just like they look on the postcards.

We spent the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday recuperating in New Grimsby harbour on Tresco, going ashore to check out the pub and the beautiful gardens. On Wednesday we set out for Falmouth... first wildlife of the day was a sunfish, not looking at all well, and that was followed by a minke whale...fabulous. We had an exciting ride over the  'overfalls'  - felt like surf canoeing- I'm sure I heard the Hawaii 5-0 theme... but as that is my ringtone it could have been a call about PPI. We also had a view of the Red Arrows, who we thought had arrived to greet us but it seems they were booked for Falmouth festival... which was in full flow as we arrived. Great sailing followed by a very neat bit of mooring on a pontoon gave us access to all the joys of Falmouth.... cold showers but warm pubs.

Thursday saw us heading from Falmouth to Fowey..... The sailing was great but there was an awful lot of rain. We spent a long time drying out before taking the water taxi to town for food at Sam's.... the most enormous servings!! Fowey was such a pretty place, and one I need to visit again soon. I had a quick rush round the town in daylight on Friday before we set off again to Plymouth on Friday.... a beautiful sail... great winds, bit of sunshine and .... yes.... more dolphins!

Brighton Belle was, as ever, every inch the lady. She laughs at big waves and strong winds, taking it all in her stride. It was a privilege to be with her for the week, and similarly a privilege to have sailed with such a great crew- all more experienced than me but endlessly patient and with an eclectic taste in music....

Thanks all



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