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From Cork to Kinsale the long way

On the 6th of June 2015 Brighton Belle was on the custom house pontoon in the heart of Cork, Ireland. A brilliant spot for visiting Cork and its night life.

I was staying on as skipper from the previous week. After the previous week of gales on the nose all the way from Brighton I was chilling out on deck in the sunshine while waiting for the arrival of the new crew and guests for the coming week. 

I was delighted to hear that the new crew Jo, Beth and  Francina wanted to stay that night in Cork. Another chance to enjoy that delightful city.

Early next morning after a hearty breakfast, safety briefings and a chat about the week to come, we slipped down the river, past Cobh and out toward the sea. Sunday morning and the harbour was full of yachts racing as we sail out between them and out towards the Old Head of Kinsale. . 

The wind was light and the sea calm and I was praising Neptune for favoring us as my plan was to make a shortish passage this first day giving the new guests a chance to get familiar with the boat and learn the ropes in comfort.

The tide had risen just enough to clear the bar at the entrance of Castletownsend as we sailed in. perfect timing! A really beautiful narrow river entrance leading to a small village with jetty where we rafted up by letting the incoming tide gently glide us into position along side a slightly smaller yacht with nervous looking but very friendly owners. 

Beth cooked up a beautiful beef stroganof dinner, we visited the local pub and after an adventurous day, slept like babies..........the week continues




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