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Last weekend we took BB to Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne for the third time this year and were once again welcomed by the extremely friendly members of the Yacht Club there. The food is first class and inexpensive. (I wont mention the bottle of Port.)

The wind was just perfect, being a beam reach both ways in the region of 15 to 20 knots, increasing to 30 by the time we arrived back in Brighton. An exhilarating ride and still doing 8 knots under heavily reefed Genoa and Mizzen! BB behaved in her normal exemplary fashion and even the instruments are now working to perfection. (Thank you to Stewart, Ingmar and Stephen, I believe. I especially liked the temporary cover for the cockpit plotter.)

As ever we were governed by the lack of depth in both Marina entrances (Brighton & Eastbourne) but it all, worked out just fine with centimetres to spare!!!!

With three members and three guests there was a good mix of chat and banter especially in Eastbourne where Tatti's brother and Richard's Girlfriend joined us for the evening.



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