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You missed the party!

Where were you all?! Bob, Mike, Charles and Alex waited at the Sovereign YC bar until late for you all to arrive. Well we had a party anyway, supported by the members of the YC, notably Dickie and Gary who have recent history as extremely sociable. I am afraid "what goes on tour stays on tour", as they say. You will have to try and extract details from the rest of the crew. My lips are sealed.

And the sailing was pretty good as well: passage plan said 44nm for a round trip, but the log said 69. How can that be? Well for those saddo's watching BB on your AIS app. you surely noticed how many tacks were required to get round Beachy Head on Saturday (including a couple of emergency stops…). Anyway a great sail with calm sea and f3-4 all day. Sunday was a gentle drift with tide round Beachy Head on the genoa, a spurt of engine for an hour, and then a great broad reach (via Cherbourg) and gybe back to Brighton for a couple of hours....

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