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Cruise 09 July 28 - Aug 03 2013

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Day 1: Jason and I flew out to Brest to join those remaining on board BB - Nigel, Shaun and Bill- for a second week of fine weather, excellent company and good sailing.

Shaun was left on board with the marigolds whilst Nigel and Bill surprised us by greeting us at the airport. It was a short taxi ride to L’Aberwrach from the airport, and we were well entertained by Bill and Nigel with their tales of their escapades of the previous week. We had a booking in the chaps’ favourite ‘Pot du Buerre’ restaurant that evening and it didn’t fail as the start of our gourmet cruising week!


Day2: After last year’s dismal weather expectations were high for the glorious summer sunshine and the pleasant winds of the last few weeks to continue. However, having left early anticipating a brisk sail to the Marina do Blosum at Roscoff , we found the wind was blowing old boots and then a horizontal rain kindly descended to hit us hard and wet as we made our way in with virtually zero visibility. Re-negotiation from our allotted mooring in the most exposed and unpleasant position in the marina was successful and we positioned ourselves in a mooring that gave us excellent shelter and the best possible access to ‘the facilities’.... these proved to be somewhat inadequate with shower boxes barely more than 2’ x 2’ and housed in portacabins, and a disabled lift which, although cleverly designed, was missing the landing platform below it and would thus have neatly deposited any disabled being straight into the water!



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