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Cruises 4 & 5 June 28 - July 12 2014

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Bob and Phillip had done a fine job to get BB to Corunna and then Fiona, on her maiden cruise as skipper, took her down to Vigo.

We saw Fiona and her crew briefly at Santiago airport as we pressed our noses to the glass wall separating the departures and arrivals as we headed to baggage collection and they to our aircraft, keen to leave the overcast skies in Spain for a sunny England. The pilot had warned us as we left England that the weather in Santiago was atrocious and if it did not improve we might not be able to land there! However we waved vigorously at each other and headed for Santiago train station.

Shaun had arrived at Coruña the night before thinking we were joining the boat there. We caught up with him on the train to Vigo and he regaled us with stories of wild Spanish dancing and exotic food in the shadier parts of Coruña!

The excellent Spanish train system soon got into Vigo and we jumped into a taxi to get to BB in the Punta Lagoa Marina. Fiona’s team had left her in tip top condition and with some very welcome wine in the fridge. The weather was very iffy so we headed straight off to a local restaurant recommended by the harbour master. A short march up the hill was not wasted as the restaurant, completely off the tourist route, had excellent fresh fish of every shape and colour. Three hours later the challenge was set to find restaurants of similar good value and quality for the rest of the week.








The crew demanded to go to Oporto and test their capacity to drink enough Port to float BB; this left the skipper wringing his hands over long range forecasts of head winds both to and back to Vigo. However an early start and the nearest marina to Oporto – Leixoes ( which is pronounced with a shushing sound in the middle) was reached in time for a healthy blow out of more locally caught fresh fish.

Next day we were whisked swiftly into Oporto on a new tram system, kindly sponsored by British tax payers through the EU, but who are we to complain? It was quick, cheap and clean. Oporto is a must for a long weekend break to view the port caves, the attractive city and the excellent fish restaurants – probably quicker via EasyJet.

We were advised by some Irish sailors that the Taylor’s cave followed by lunch on their terrace was the best option ever! We were all still stable on our feet, somehow, after the free port samples despite downing considerable quantities. Taylor’s terrace for lunch simply must be repeated and tea on The Yateman hotel can only be matched by staying there for a long weekend.




















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