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Cruise 07 - Pornic to Brest

On board: two old guys (Bob, David), three youths (Brendan, Leon, Xan)

Saturday: Early flight from Southampton to Nantes. Missed a bus, meet Xan at the station, recently arrived from Barcelona. Missed a train, eventually arrive at Pornic. Weather: hot and sunny. Choose cabins, shop for supplies (food, beer). Eat at "Le Skipper". Sleep.

Sunday: Weather: hot and sunny. Sail to Port Goulphar, Belle Ile - gentle winds, had to motor a short while but it picked up again. Anchor, eat, drink beer.

On the beach at Ile de Penfret

Monday: Weather: Hot and sunny. Head for Concarneau (see dolphins along the way), but run out of wind.  Anchor instead at Ile de Penfret, in the Iles des Glenans. All fine except for the shortage of beer. Younger elements of the crew depart in the dinghy in the hope of finding some sign of civilization (i.e. a shop selling beer). One lighthouse and a terrace of four houses is all they find. Forced to break into the emergency supplies (red wine box kindly left by the previous crew)



Tuesday: Weather: Hot and sunny, head for Concarneau. Shop for supplies (food, beer). Find a very pleasant establishment with a roof terrace and Leffe on draught. Late night walk around the old town, find an interesting door in a door. Meander back to the boat and sleep.A door within a door

Wednesday: Weather: Hot and sunny. Long haul up to the Raz de Seine. Crew: subdued or unconscious (too much Leffe). Much debate about pronunciation, all agree on the "Razz" as the original Breton, rather than the french "Ra". Whale sighted. Beating to windward all the way up using the new tacking procedure (step 1: wake the crew...). Round the corner nicely at slack tide and head for Camaret, but run out of wind, motor back a couple of miles to anchor in the Baie des Trepasses. Beer supplies holding up well.




Thursday: Weather: Hot and sunny. More beating to windward up to Camaret. Eat at "Le Captain" (hmm, is there a pattern here?)

Brendan navigatingFriday: Weather: Hot and sunny. Lay in more supplies (food, beer, pain au chocolat). Not far to go, so sail back down and around the Cap de Chevre and back again - navigation exercise for the crew. Anchor overnight at the Anse de Deolan, a little way outside the Goulet de Brest.

Saturday: Weather, Hot and sunny. Sail in to the Rade de Brest, where we run out of wind. Hang around for a while failing to fish - flake sails extra carefully (seeing as Nigel is the next skipperWink). Motor into the Marina du Moulin Blanc (Marina du Chateau was full). Helpful marina assistant pulls us into a pontoon corner. Eat at  "Le Admiral" (definitely a pattern), which serves excellent Grimbergen.

Sunday: Weather. Hot and sunny. Clean boat. Fly home. No beer today.



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