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Winter Sailing

Crew: Stewart – skipper, Bob, Jason, Christoph, Damian, John, Reka, Wendy, Kate.

1 December, some people went Xmas tree shopping, we were more creative and decided to go sailing instead. The day skipper Stewart arranged the trip. He invited over members of the BEC and us, so mostly beginners as a crew.


We met at Brighton Marina at 10am. It was quite frosty morning and the deck was icy, but Bob has taken good care of it, and treated slippery deck with the sea water. After an induction and health and safety briefing we were ready to go. Note Bob has given us good instruction about the sailing skill learning process: 1. See, 2 Do, 3 Teach. With this in mind we left the marina.

Although it was a cold day we were very lucky with the sun spells and appropriate wind about 10-12 knots. The tide was also in our favour.

We head towards eastern side of the south coast. With the engine off and out of the marina the Genoa sail went up and after few instructions from the skipper we did sail. Wendy more experienced member of the crew was very interested in taking over the helm, which after some time paid off, and she was in charge. Even with the changing wind it seemed easier to me than parallel parking, the woman has a skill.

We stopped for late lunch near the Newhaven marina. Stewart served pizza, Bob arranged wine; everyone was happy and tucked into the meal. I must say BB is very comfortable boat with 9 of us on board everyone found comfy spot around the table for the meal. We head back as it was coming to 3pm, with tide against us we caught good wind. With Christoff behind the helm we managed to get decent speed about 8 knots. When I have taken over though with some good tips from Bob and Stewart I made it nearly 9 knots. Sorry crew that I managed to splash bit water on you, but the speed was my gain. The sun dusk and the wind eased off changing directions. At this point Stewart has taken over the helm. With Brighton marina ahead of us we learnt that everywhere apart from US the green light at the marina is the starboard side of the entrance and red light is the port side. I must say sailing in the dark with the lights of the shore ahead of us it was quite special view. The engine went on and orders to take the sails down were given. Even as a beginning crew we have done really well to complete the orders. By the entrance to marina we were done and dusted and ready for the Lock. All went really well, and it was another great day out at the sea. Thank you all. Looking forward to more.

Kate (TD) Rozik x



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