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Brighton Belle Sailing Club

BBSC LogoThe club was formed in 2014 by a group of Brighton-based sailing enthusiasts, as a means of acquiring a luxury cruising yacht to be sailed and managed collectively by its members.

This differentiates it from other yacht share schemes and syndicates, in which members participate on a time-share basis.

The club is non-profit making. It bought the boat with loans from founding members which are repaid from the £4,000 joining fee paid by new members. The club has a limit of 64 members (membership currently stands at 47).

Brighton Belle's ongoing maintenance and running costs are paid from sailing fees generated from its annual sailing programme.

The club's day-to-day management is overseen by the Steering Committee whose members are elected by the members at the AGM. 

The Steering Committee has formulated and implements a range of policies including Safety Management, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Environment and Sustainability. 

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