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Cruise June 7th - 12th 2021

Brighton to Poole

June 7th Brighton Belle heads out for a shake down sail to Eastbourne with skipper Steve, mate Chris, and crew Phil and Lynn, and me (Carolyn) as Lynn's guest.

Fog delayed our start, and then a lack of wind and opposing tide for a while, resulted in us going backwards from the everlasting black windmill at Peacehaven.
After the Newhaven ferry kindly altered their course for us, and passing a misty Beachy Head LH, we got through the lock to enjoy G&Ts in the evening sun at Sovereign marina.
Back to Brighton the next day. Low visibility kept us extra vigilant - at times using our fog horn and radar. We discovered the black dotted line marking the meridian line is to be repainted next week !
Enjoyed a civilised tea party complete with new tablecloth and fine China, whilst the crew fought a mighty 5kts of wind.

Tea and cake in the cockpit
Grounded for a few minutes in Brighton marina right next to the dredger with 1.6m under the keel and 2.5 hours after LW.


June 9th saw us anchor off East Head, past Chichester bar. Steve was left pondering why BB was outside the anchor circle,trying not to wake the crew at 3am to move the boat. No boat move was needed luckily !

June 10th Lynn guided us out of Chichester and towards Newtown Creek, and then back to Osborne bay for an overnight anchorage. Fog horns blasts gave us our night time music.

Friday 11th saw some lively sailing tacking up the Solent and through Hurst Narrows with 25kts of wind. Big tacks across Christchurch bay and a couple of reefs in the main and genny saw us arrive at Poole Harbour entrance in good time for a favourable ebb flow. Steve expertly flicked us onto our berth, surrounded by super yachts. We ended the week with a fab sea bass dinner in town.

A great few days with BB and a wonderful introduction for me. Thanks to all.

Carolyn Bennett

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