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Azores to La Rochelle

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Start date
03/06/2017 12:00
End date
17/06/2017 12:00
Departure port
Ponta Delgada
Arrival port
Ponta Delgada
Steve Benham
Steve Benham
07827 871161
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After a fantastic winter season Lisbon-Madeira-Lanzarote-Tenerife and finally the Azores to name a few fantastic places we have been since September 2016, I have put my hand up to get BB back to Brittany.  Probable destination is La Rochelle.

So we need a strong crew as it will be 1,200 NM ish on the great circle which assumes good wind direction of course.  At 150-200 NM per day this will take us, say 10 days of ocean sailing.  My thoughts on plan are:

Saturday 3 June - fly to Azores - Ponta Delgada

Sunday 4 June - provision and check BB out for a long ocean passage.  Firm up weather forecast for next 10 days or so

Monday 5 June - shake down sail. Test out a few things we know we will need.  e.g. mob routine, mob beacons on life jackets, sails including cruising chute, mizzen stay sail and stay sail.  Keep an eye on weather forecast

Tuesday 6 June for say 10 days - head for La Rochelle - subject to weather of course!

Friday-Saturday 16-17 June - tidy/clean the boat, have a good long bath/shower/shave.  Find your land feet and take big bird in sky back home.

What more can I say?!!!

The picture by the way is Ihla Desert south of Madeira.  It's a marketing ploy. We will be quite a way off course if we go there...But I like the anchorage, it is one of the most fantastic places I've been to and I like the picture...

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