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Delivery / Cruise

Madeira to Azores Delivery

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Start date
29/04/2017 12:00
End date
13/05/2017 12:00
Departure port
Arrival port
Ponta Delgada
George Molony
George Molony
07767 453882
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Although this is primarily to get BB to the Azores, I am confident we will be able to include some cruising and down time.

It is about 500 miles to Ponta Delgada, (maybe 600 to Horta) so we have some choices. Depending on the conditions 'on the day' we can choose  our first destination.

Horta on Faial is always a favourite. Famous for Peter's Cafe Sport. ( but there are other places to visit, not least Santa Maria and Terceira. I haven't yet checked all the islands for suitable places but we will have plenty of time for that.

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