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Lagos - Lanzarote Delivery

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Start date
16/11/2019 12:00
End date
30/11/2019 12:00
Departure port
Lagos, Portugal
Arrival port
Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote
Steve Benham
Steve Benham
07827 871161
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We have denoted this a 2 week delivery trip as we do need to get BB down to Rubicon marina, Playa Blanca, southern tip of Lanzarote.  Wind direction we expect to be northerly, between NW and NE, which would be pretty good sailing angle to head over to Madeira, spend a day or two there then head for Lanzarote.  It is circa 480 NM to east point of Madeira then 260 to north tip of Lanzarote so should be 4 days to Madeira then 2 days to Lanzarote.  That should leave 4 days or so for cruising and/or tourism. 

If the weather looks a bit unfavourable we have the option of going direct to Lanzarote, about 600NM so 5-6 days at sea followed by cruising around Lanzarote and Fuerta Ventura

Assuming decent NE trade the outline plan is

  • Saturday 16/11- travel to Lagos, provision and prepare BB
  • Sunday 17/11 - shake down day sail, possibly even east from Lagos
  • Monday 18/11 – set sail for Madeira
  • Thursday 19/11 – Arrive Madeira
  • Friday 20/11 – tourism and fresh provisions
  • Saturday 21/11 - head off for Isla Graciosa on north point of Lanazarotte;
  • Monday 23/11 – arrive Isla Graciosa – nice anchorage – explore the island/relax
  • Tuesday 24/11 - Arecife (fisherman’s bar);
  • Wednesday 25/11 – nice anchorage on east coast
  • Thursday 26/11 - Fuerte Ventura
  • Friday 27/11 – short hop back to Rubicon marina on south coast of Lanzarote

Richard has kindly agreed to be the mate for this trip.

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