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Chris Anderson

Taught to sail by my Dad on the Thames and at Middleton on Sea in Enterprises, National 12s and an 11+ when I was still at junior school.  A few years later I expanded on this after joining the RN and did a lot of coastal and open water yacht sailing in a range of yachts up to around 45ft.  This included racing and regular appearances at Cowes Week skippering Class 1 yachts.  Claim to fame: being told to "F*** Off" by the Duke of Edinburgh (he was helming Yeoman XX) when I dared to call "starboard"!! Met him for a gin at the Boat Show six months later - fortunately he didn't recognise me!

An Offshore Yachtmaster since the early 70s, I have been sailing regularly since then (work and family permitting), in recent years as regular race crew (foredeck and spinnaker - no one else willing as the years advance and the joints stiffen!) on a Catalina in Plymouth.

Joined Brighton Belle in early 2017 - thoroughly enjoyed a Canaries cruise, the trip back from the Azores to France and the Brighton-Amsterdam-London cruises.  Looking forward to lots of sailing in 2018 - initially skippering the delivery trip to the Orkneys and then some cruises around the Faroes and the Hebrides.

Intending to revert to my Scottish ancestry - I'm learning to drink decent whisky and I might even buy a kilt!

Thanks for the very warm welcome to our club from you all.

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