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Steve Benham

Since "dingy sailing in Greece" many years ago I have always come back from sailing thinking "I really really enjoyed that"!  Then a friend of mine took me out on the Solent in a Spring.  This set me on a path:  Competent Crew, crossing the North Sea, Day Skipper, chartering B36/37s for weekends with friends, Oban-Orkney-Lossiemouth.   It was always a struggle to find crew for the B36/37 weekends and like minded people for adventurous sailing so I looked around and found the BBSC syndicate.  Problem solved! Perfect!

Oh! and here is a test for you! Why is my profile picture at 45 degrees?  (a) Stewart was skipper and had every piece of sail up in an F7.  (b) Debra our resident professional photographer took the photo (c) too much fun the night before at the marina bar...

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